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Several important stages of granule coating machine

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Tablet core is in a fully enclosed and clean screen drum, constantly making complex trajectories. According to the parameters and requirements of the set process, the coating medium is automatically sprayed uniformly on the surface of the tablet core through the spray gun through the control of the computer (the sugar coating medium can be sprayed). At the same time, the drum is in a sealed negative pressure state, and clean hot air is supplied through the hot air cabinet to penetrate the bed, and is discharged by the suction device through the screen hole at the bottom of the drum. The core film can be dried quickly and evenly to form a firm and smooth surface coating.
In the whole process, the coating machine includes the following important stages:
(1) The generation of droplets;
(2) Preparation of coating solution or suspension;
(3) The movement of mist droplets from the spray to the bed;
(4) The impact, wetting, spreading and coalescence of droplets on the surface of the tablet core or particles;
(5) Dry gelation and adhesion to form a film.

Application range of coating machine
  It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, research institutes, hospitals for sugar coating, polishing and rolling food of tablets, pills, and it can also be used in research institutes to trial new drugs. The coated and polished sugar-coated tablets have a bright color appearance. The complete consolidation coating produced by the crystallization of sugar on the surface can prevent the chip from oxidative deterioration, moisture or volatilization, and can also cover the discomfort of the chip when taking it. taste.

The film coating machine is a device for coating Chinese and Western tablet cores with sugar and film. It is a new type of equipment that integrates strong electricity, weak electricity, hydraulics, and pneumatics, and transforms the original ordinary sugar coating machine. It is mainly composed of a host (original sugar coating machine), a controllable normal temperature hot air system, and a spray system for automatic liquid and air supply. The main motor can be adjusted by frequency conversion. It is automatically controlled by electrical appliances to spray the coating accessories onto the surface of the tablets with a high atomization spray gun. At the same time, the tablets make continuous and complex trajectories in the coating pan to make the coating liquid evenly Wrapped on the core of the tablet, there is a controllable room temperature hot air in the pot to dry the tablets at the same time, so that the surface of the tablet can quickly form a firm, dense, complete and smooth surface film. Accessories: governor, spray gun, liquid cup, coating pot, blower.

With the widespread use of coating machines, how to improve the success rate of coating becomes the key. Some experts pointed out that its coating success rate has an important relationship with its spray gun system. Choosing a good spray gun system and optimizing the working conditions of the spray gun before coating is an important guarantee for the success of the coating production.