Super fine powder mixing precautions   

   The question raised: With the development of science and technology, more and more sophisticated new materials, particle size is getting smaller and smaller, even to nanoscale. Fine powder to a certain extent, it has the floating properties of ultrafine powder, mixed with great difficulty.
        Definition of ultrafine powder: Ultrafine powder usually refers to more than 1000 mesh or more than 2000 mesh powder, such as metal powder, the average particle size of powder is small to a certain extent, the original will not float the powder becomes easy to float, and The same as the characteristics of ultra-light powder, the original gravity of its inherent restraint becomes insignificant, and also appear adsorption and Baotuan phenomenon, it is difficult to mix into the main powder.
        If you want to mix the light powder floating above the barrel into the main powder, the mixing equipment must have the ability to capture the floating light powder into the main flour, otherwise it is difficult to mix evenly. After mixing the three-dimensional mixer, the superfine powder floats on the top of the subject powder, indicating that the three-dimensional mixer does not have the ability to capture ultra-light powder. Double-motion mixer is in the operation of the container and then superimposed on the rotation of the internal leaves, and the same direction, the blade faster than the barrel, so containers and leaves will be caught floating in the material above the light powder into the theme of heavy pink, so that Light and heavy powder mix evenly, indicating that dual-motion mixers have the ability to capture ultra-light powders.