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Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture CO., LTD. was established in 2001. It's a professional mixer (also known as mixing machine) manufacturer. The corporation has about 185 staff, including 25 senior engineers, which integrates research and manufacture during it's development. The company's production department is located in NO.1 Zhongxing Road in Xinzheng city and head quartered in Weilai Garden, NO71 Weilai Road, Zhengzhou city, which is close to the famous Zhengdong New District.

Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise which has capabilities of research and development.We are ambitious and personalized.In the field of mixing equipment manufacturing, most enterprises are still producing traditional equipment, some of which have not changed for more than 30 years. JINHE Company respects the spirit of "Made in China" in this field, devoted itself to researching and devotes itself to changing the traditional mixer so that it can improve its efficiency and save energy. At present,the mixer we produce is a new type of mixer with independent intellectual property rights. JINHE company has come in the forefront of Innovative technology in the domestic mixer.

"Made in China" has gained a firm reputation in the world and "Create in China" is the dream of generations.JINHE Company is a main force of independent innovation in the mixing equipment industry,taking the road created by China, "Jinhe Manufacturing" contributes to "Create in China", takes its own path and innovates in the technology of mixer equipment.Continuous improvement to make more efficient, more energy-efficient, better mixer!