Traditional powder mixers' advantages and disadvantages
Mixing is an indispensable production technology in modern industry. With the continuous development of China's industry, the development of hybrid systems and hybrid equipment will become more and more powerful. The mix covers the entire industrial sector, such as chemicals, foodstuffs, building materials, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and at least one step in the process of mixing the products we use every day.
        A wide range of powder mixing equipment, this paper mainly on mechanical mixing equipment commonly used in the Chinese market for analysis.
        1, double-motion mixer
         Advantages: ① ultra-fine mixing to achieve uniform particles and particles.
                    ② can solve the light weight, ultra-fine powder mixing problems.
                    ③ uniform operation time-saving, energy-saving, using horizontal structure much more.
                    ④ uniform operation on the original appearance of small damage powder.
                    ⑤ mixed materials no dead ends.
                    ⑥ dual-motion mixer can be made into a large mixer, such as a 7000-liter mixer.
        Disadvantages: for the time being no obvious shortcomings of the device.
      2, Three-dimensional mixer (gravity convection diffusion hybrid)
        Advantages: ① multidimensional space motion can make the material fully mixed macroscopic.
                   ② Mixing process without centrifugal force.
                   ③ Without dead ends.
        Disadvantages: ① microscopically difficult to do fine mixing.
                   ② Kinetic energy is too large, ultra-light powder, ultra-fine powder easy to float easily mixed with the main powder.
                   ③ Mixing a long time, more power consumption, loading rate is low.
                   ④ Operating acceleration, there are bad records broken shaft, due to safety equipment is not easy to enlarge.
                   ⑤ Equipment difficult to do more than 1,000 liters of large equipment.
      3, V-type mixer
         Advantages: ① No dead ends.
                    ② When the mixed powder fluidity, similar physical properties, you can get a better mixing effect.
         Disadvantages: ① microscopic powder is not easy to mix well.
                    ② Ultra-fine powder, ultra-light powder is not easy to mix into the main powder.
                    ③ Gravity lifting exercise, so high power consumption.
                    ④ Throwing smashing movement, will destroy the powder shape.
      4, Single cone double helix mixer
         Advantages: ① Simple structure, easy to do mainframe.
                    ② On the heat-sensitive materials will not produce overheating.
                    ③ Can add spray device and heating.
         Disadvantages: ① Long mixing time, Low efficiency.
                    ② Equipment height is too high. The same mixing capacity, double helix device requires twice the height of other equipment or even higher.
                    ③ Equipment at the bottom of the dead ends, the middle part of the material required for the bottom of the material mixed repeatedly, to avoid dead ends.
      5, groove ribbon mixer
         Advantages: ① Loading factor, equipment, small footprint.
                    ② Within the shear blade can reach the microscopic uniform mixing.
                    ③ According to the demand for production equipment can do mainframe, the price is cheaper than other mixers.
         Disadvantages: ① Barrel fixed material will exist dead ends.
                    ② Equipment start-up load is particularly large, full load start difficult, time-consuming electricity.
                    ③ There are residual material.
      6, Horizontal gravity-free mixer
         Advantages: ① Speed, high mixing efficiency, sealing operation, economic and environmental protection.
                    ② Can add flying knife, to achieve with the fiber material mixture.
                    ③ Open the door out of material, a short discharge time, discharge clean, compact structure.
         Disadvantages: ① can not solve the problem of mixed material weight disparity.
                    ② Dead ends.
                    ③ Easy to damage the particle shape of the powder.
    7, Double cone mixer
         Advantages: ① Double cone-shaped cylinder to adapt to mixed materials without dead ends of the mixing requirements.
                    ② Gentle operating speed will not damage the fragile materials.
                    ③ To meet the production of large quantities of the combined batch.
         Disadvantages: ① Can not achieve the refinement of mixing.
                    ② Lower mixing efficiency, mixing time longer.
       8, Square cone mixer
         Advantages: ① Innovative design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, mixed effect in general.
                    ② Fine polishing mixed without dead ends.
                    ③ Cone side of the bucket can replace the material storage silo with convenient operation.
                    ④ Convenient and easy cleaning material bucket.
         Disadvantages: ① Can not achieve the refinement of mixing.
                    ② Not easy to enlarge.
                    ③ Complex and cumbersome equipment, equipment, high cost.
       9, Planetary mixer
          Advantages: ① Not only the internal revolution, while it is still its own rotation, fine mixing and high uniformity.
                     ② Fine polishing mixed without dead ends.
          Disadvantages: High speed powder particles destructive.
                     ② Due to equipment constraints is not easy to enlarge.
                     ③ Due to the complexity of the structure is relatively high cost.