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High temperature electric furnace installation, commissioning and start up opera

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The high temperature electric furnace is a heat treatment heating equipment commonly used in scientific research units and enterprises, and it has a wide range of uses. When you use the high temperature electric furnace for the first time, please install and debug according to the following methods and steps:
1. The high-temperature electric furnace does not require special installation, but is placed flat on the indoor floor or on the workbench, and sufficient space for heat dissipation should be left around.
2. The load capacity of the power cord, switch and fuse connected to the controller and the high-temperature electric furnace should be slightly larger than the rated power of the high-temperature electric furnace.
3. Our high temperature electric furnace has a thermocouple installed when it leaves the factory, but it is best to check again before you receive the furnace and turn it on.

Check and Debug

When you use the high-temperature electric furnace for the first time, please check and operate according to the following steps.
1. Turn on the power. Before turning on the power, check carefully whether there is a short circuit or leakage.
2. Put the "power" switch in the "on" position, and the temperature display adjustment instrument is charged. Set the temperature and temperature time curve according to the requirements. For specific operations, please refer to the instruction manual of the intelligent temperature controller.
3. Press the "heating start" button to check the heating of the working room.
4. When the electric furnace is used for the first time or is used again after a long period of inactivity, it must be oven dried. Before drying, use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the incoming and outgoing wires of the power supply and the high-temperature furnace shell. Short circuits are not allowed.

The oven must be carried out according to the following procedures:
1) Raise the temperature from the chamber to 200°C (adjust the set temperature of the temperature controller, the same below), keep the temperature for 2 hours, open the furnace door to evaporate most of the moisture in the furnace.
2) Raise the temperature from 200°C to 500°C, keep it warm for 3 hours, and open the furnace door regularly until there is no moisture in the furnace.
5. Check the heating display of the temperature display regulator. After reaching the set upper limit temperature, stop the indicator light and stop heating. After reaching the set lower limit temperature, the heating indicator should light up and start heating.
6. Press the "heating stop" button to stop heating.