A solution for powder's good flowability and bad uniformity       

The question put forward: In the daily mixing process,super good liquidity has always been a problem, in principle, the better the powder liquidity, the higher the efficiency of the powder mixing, according to the theory of liquid mixing model, powder flow fast,powder mixed with each other, the higher the penetration efficiency, it is easy to achieve the purpose of mixing evenly. The actual operation of the application process will have the following questions:
        1, According to the theory of liquid mixing model, the powder flowability in the mixing process is too good, which will strengthen the phenomenon of new floating or sinking due to the difference of powder characteristics;
        2, and after the mixing process, the powder is easy to produce secondary segregation, stratification under the loading and unloading, transportation vibration environment, resulting in a new uneven.
       The definition of super-fluidity: Powder fluidity refers to the ability of the powder to move under the action of force. Powder flow is super good, the holding force between the powder particles is not enough, in the process of mixing appeared just a mix of segregation, segregation evenly mixed phenomenon, has been alternating evenly segregation. Mainly affected by particle size, particle shape, particle interaction between these aspects.
       1, granularity
       The larger the particle size, the larger the surface area. The molecular gravitation between the powder, electrostatic gravitation gradually smaller, the better the fluidity of the powder particles; secondly, the larger the particle size of the powder, the smaller the adsorption force and cohesiveness between the particles, resulting in the smaller stacking angle, fluidity The better
        2, form
       In addition to the particle size, the effect of particle morphology on fluidity is also significant. The particle size is equal, the shape of a round or oval powder, the better mobility. Obviously, the spherical particles have the smallest contact area with each other and their fluidity is the best.
        3, the interaction between particles
       The friction between the powder on the same fluidity of the powder with a great impact. The particle size and shape of the powder, the friction of the powder flow of different degrees, when the powder size is larger, the powder flow depends mainly on the powder morphology, smooth surface of the powder particles Or the uniform shape of the particles of small friction, mobility are good.
        The solution: By changing the original shape of the material or the choice of high-end hybrid equipment to solve the problem of mixed liquidity is too good.
       1, change the original shape of the material
       For the particles of equal size, the shape of a round or oval-shaped powder, crushing the original powder to change its external shape, increase the friction and holding power between the particles, so that the mobility becomes relatively poor, The material is relatively easy to mix.
       2, the choice of high-end dual-motion mixing equipment
       a, dual-motion mixing equipment, low-speed operation, reducing the flow rate of powder, making it less fluid, increasing the holding power between the powder particles, reducing the powder particle activity.
       b. The effective volume of the double-motion mixer is 80% -85% of the container, which greatly reduces the flow space of powder particles and increases the pressure between the powders, which is in favor of the effect of blade shearing. Double-motion mixer full-size blades to do interspersed, shear movement, can be very good diffusion, coercion, convection mixture, to achieve better mixing effect.