Selection of blending equipment

Selection of mixing equipment
Select the appropriate mixing equipment to determine the size of the mixed batch, mixing time, etc., in accordance with the mixing process on the machine mixed.
1. Requirements for the hybrid equipment
     For the powder situation, requires equipment with: good mixing uniformity, no dead ends, high mixing efficiency, low power consumption and other performance.
     Requires mixing equipment can not destroy the physical indicators of powder, such as the proportion of powder, the average particle size and particle surface shape.
     Also requires hybrid equipment safe operation, easy operation, power saving, labor-saving.
  2. Market common existing hybrid equipment and its advantages and disadvantages
    1), gravity dispersion mixer representative models
    Three-dimensional mixer, V-type mixer
    Advantages: mixed without dead ends; macroscopically all parts of the container powder uniform.
     Disadvantages: the powder particles on the microscopic mixing uniformity is not enough; the mixing effect is low.
2), forced shear mixing mixer representative models
     Single cone mixer and ribbon mixer
Advantages: high mixing efficiency; microscopic powder particles are relatively uniform.
Disadvantages: mixed with dead ends; equipment, high energy consumption.
    3), gravity dispersion and forced mixing compound mixer representative models
    Double Movement mixer
Advantages: high mixing uniformity, can achieve uniform macroscopical and microscopic uniform; high mixing efficiency; high material loading rate; low energy consumption.
Disadvantages: equipment is relatively complex, the procurement cost is relatively high.
3. Mixing equipment selection principle
1) Choose according to the ease of mixing tasks:
Easy to mix the task of choice V-type machines and other common models; the other hand, the choice of high-performance mixer.
2) For the poor mobility of the powder can be forced shear mixing type mixer.
3) For the ultra-light powder, ultrafine powder and other difficult to mix the choice of gravity diffusion mixing system to enhance the mixing mixer.