\       How to mix bad liquidity powder?

In the powder mixing work, we often encounter poor liquidity powder (such as wheat flour) using the usual V-shaped machine, three-dimensional mixer is often difficult to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. The reason is that the mixing principle of the mixer is the gravity convection diffusion type, and the poor fluidity of the powder causes the powder to flow, the diffusion speed is slow, and the process of uniform mixing is slowed down. If the liquidity is not good to add a trace amount of powder is mixed even more difficult.
First, the definition of poor liquidity
         The fluidity of the powder is the ability of the powder to move under the action of force, which can also be described as: the performance of the flow of powder during the movement. The fluidity of the powder is one of the main reasons that determine whether the mixing task is successfully completed.
         Powder fluidity is usually expressed as a pile powder corner where the powder is deposited on a plane, as shown in the following figure
        When the powder angle is greater than 42 °, the fluidity of the powder becomes very poor, which will seriously affect the process of uniform powder mixing.
Second, the liquidity is not good how to mix the powder
        1, for the poor mobility of the powder can be mixed using forced shear mixing principle
        Because of poor powder flow, powder flow, diffusion slowed down the normal mixing process, the powder can be used to force the blade shear mixing, forced to promote the flow of particles, shear and position change, Thus overcoming the mixing difficulties caused by poor liquidity.
Aiming at the powder with poor fluidity, the compulsion shearing type mixing principle can also improve the mixing efficiency and shorten the mixing time.
        2, the use of ribbon mixer mixed with poor liquidity powder
        Ribbon mixer is the use of forced shear mixing principle of the mixer, mixed with poor fluidity powder can achieve the purpose of uniform mixing and improve the mixing efficiency.
        Due to ribbon mixer bucket is fixed, so there is a small amount of material dead ends and inconvenient discharge shortcomings.
        3, the use of dual-motion mixer mixed with poor liquidity powder
        The dual-motion mixer is a mixer that uses the force-shear hybrid principle and also has a gravity-diffusive mixing capability. For the poor mobility of powder dual-motion mixer can be well mixed to achieve the purpose of mixing, while mixing efficiency.
        Due to the double-action mixer with forced shear superimposed gravity-diffusion hybrid principle, there is no ribbon blender for the above drawbacks, that is, there is no material dead ends and the discharge is convenient.
Third, poor liquidity powder has a good character
        Poor fluidity of the powder has a good feature is that once the material is evenly mixed, the powder will no longer appear secondary segregation and other non-uniform phenomenon. This is because the powder particles between the poor mobility, friction larger, even in the more intense exercise will not appear light weight, the phenomenon of segregation between the size.
        Often illiquid powders increase the mixing uniformity by lengthening the mixing time, but doing so adds cost.