As a result of advanced double movement mixing technology, Powders can be not only macroscopic uniform - that is, make the powders roll up and down, left and right to do convection diffusion mixing; but also on the microscopic between the particles repeatedly make multi-level multi-directional interspersing, cutting to reach fine compulsory mixing.

So the mixing uniformity can reach the ideal state of macroscopic uniformity and microscopic ultra-fine uniform.

This is also due to the advanced principle of double movement mixing. The two motion are carried out simultaneously in unit time, not only doubling the mixing efficiency but also promoting the mixing effect properly and promoting the mixing work more effectively.

So double movement mixers can save up to 60% of mixing time than traditional mixers.

The main mixing work in double movement mixer is done by internal moving helical blades, so the remaining space of the barrel is small. So in the case of a large loading, the device is still able to complete the mixing task well.

Therefore, the loading rate of double movement mixer increased by about 50%.than traditional mixers.

Due to the advanced patented technology, the movement of the barrel and the movement of the blades superpose and mix the materials, so that the double movement mixer has great economic benefits on the premise of improving the mixing quality at the same time.
1) Mixing time reduced by 50%;
2) About 30% reduction in motor configuration;
3) Small space due to high loading rate .

Many industries require that the shape and size of the powders be kept as invariable as possible after mixing to achieve precise control of the overall process and that double movement mixers can be the best in this regard.

This is because the core principle of the double movement mixer is to conduct multi-faceted low-speed shearing and mixing in low-speed flowing powder, smooth and orderly mixing movement, no powder impact, no high-speed blow and large mixing time shortened, so that the mixer can protect the basic shape of the powders.

The left is through the measurement of the proportion of the material and the average particle size to observe the appearance and shape changes of the powders after mixing.

An important feature of High-tech materials and Ultra-fine materials is small, and sometimes even small to nanoscale, so that gravity almost lost its binding, with a small amount of kinetic energy the powders will be able to float up, so it is difficult to mix. In the traditional mixer, intense mechanical kinetic energy can transfer energy to the powder, so that the powder produces various activities, which can overcome the phenomena of floating, adsorption, repulsion and the like caused by gravity, thereby causing mixing difficulties.

The core principle of the double movement mixer is low-speed, multi-level shearing mixing in low-flow powder. It produces mechanical impact, friction, kinetic energy are very small, and thus greatly inhibited the floating of ultra-fine powder, adsorption, repulsion and other activities, so that mixing work smoothly.

In the traditional mixer,it is a typical mixing process problems that light and heavy powders are not easy to mix evenly . This is because the powder in gravitational diffusion mixing, due to the greater weight difference, light powder is often suspended in the main powder, difficult to mix into the main powder, even long mixing time is also difficult to solve the problem.

The use of double movement mixer can solve this problem, as shown on the right, because the double movement mixer is in the rotation of the barrel and then superimposed on the rotation of the internal blades in the same direction. In this way, the container and the blades will bind the light powder floating on the upper part into the main part of the heavy powder so that the light and heavy powder can be uniformly mixed.

Traditional mixers are poor in mixing ability, which restricts the uniform mixing of trace elements. Therefore, artificial mixed batch-wise feeding method is often used to overcome equipment defects and achieve the purpose of uniform mixing of trace elements. The excellent combination of double movement superposition and mixing can be a one-time complete thorough mixing of trace elements. Time-saving, labor-saving, uniform and hard to make mistakes.

In food and additives and pharmaceutical industries, due to the generally poor fluidity of powders, almost half of the powder mixes use a microelement equal-volume incremental mixing process, which is a huge corporate burden. The use of dual-motion mixing opportunities for the enterprise to save a lot of manpower, material resources and valuable time.