Pretreatment of powder mixture
 Not all powders are suitable for direct mixing, and some powders can not be mixed uniformly without pretreatment.
        1, The powder plate knot or fake particles need to be pretreated before mixing
        Long-term placement of powder, moisture, or electrostatic adsorption, etc. will produce large or small plate in the powder agglomeration or fake particles (Baotuan particles), such powder requires pretreatment to participate in mixing. There are a variety of pretreatment methods, the purpose of which is to crush grit and fake particles so that they meet the requirements of dry powder mixing.
        2, If the powder is too large particle size, or too heavy powder particles have to be pre-treated to meet the mixing conditions
       This is because the excessively large particle size or excessively large powder particles in the powder have the tendency of sinking and sinking in the mixed motion and are difficult to be uniformly mixed. Pretreatment method is: grinding them, you can reduce the particle size and powder density, thus eliminating the trend of its sinking movement, the uniform mixing smoothly.
        3, Liquidity is too good or too poor powder can also add additives in its powder to improve its mobility to meet the mixing conditions
       For example, adding paraffin wax and other additives to iron powder with particularly good liquidity can appropriately reduce the fluidity of the iron powder so that the uniform mixing can be carried out smoothly.
        4, If the mixed powder to meet the good mixing conditions, you do not need to pretreatment
       Such as participation in the mixed powder particle size, specific gravity or less moderate liquidity, this powder does not require pretreatment, direct participation in the mix.