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Double movement mixer overtakes common mixer

发布时间:2017-05-16 13:20:41


    Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture Co.,ltd. is a diversified company. Another project of the Company is the deep processing of molybdenum products. When the demand of the industry is large, the single product occupies 60% of the national market. Processing molybdenum alloy products process requires mixing molybdenum alloy powder,about 0.5% carbon black and other accessories,the total amount of which is within 5%. At that time, the double cone mixer was used, and mixing time of each batch was 24 hours. The mixing efficiency and effect could not satisfy the demand of production and seriously restricted the development of enterprises.

One sudden failure of equipment operation occured,workers opened the feeding inlet to test the equipment and found that one layer of carbon black were floating on the surface of molybdenum powder,they had been thinking that carbon black was mixed into the molybdenum powder and used the finished powder directly. Laboratory tests was arranged afterwards,the result was that only about 65% of carbon black were mixed into the main powder, the remaining 35% ,because of too light weight, were floating in the air, and so after the end of the mixing fell on the surface of main powder. Previously powder mixing process was ignored,no wonder customer often said   hardness of the product was inconsistent,this was a common problem in the industry.Many times they had improved the mixing formula and sintering process, but the problem was not effectively solved.Now the problem which had troubled us for many years finally was found,it turned out to be unevenly mixing of carbon black that caused the product hardness instability.

The chairman of Zhengzhou Jinhe Machinery Manufacture co., not only the founder,also a technology leader who has a high technical standards and a good reputation in the industry.As the first group of mechanical design graduates after the Cultural Revolution,he adheres to the Northwestern Polytechnical University "style Simple and innovative "spirit.

After the found of this major issue, the chairman considered that the difference of bulk density of  molybdenum powder and toner is more than 10 times,during the mixing process, due to the light weight, light powders are always floating in the space above the bucket or floating above the main heavy material,resulting in a long mixing time and uneven mixing. If the market has a machine that barrel and blades rotating at the same time,so that the internal ribbon has a shearing and coercion power in mixing process of the powder, the floating light powder can be caught in, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing evenly.

Procurement technology department in accordance with this idea to start looking for a similar mixer in the market, searched all manufacturers at home and abroad, suddenly found a shaking secret! They could not even find a similar mixer in the market,there was either double cone mixer or three-dimensional mixer or horizontal ribbon mixer or single conical ribbon mixer, there was not a mixer that barrel and blades rotate at the same time. Manufacturing technology has been around for many years, however,all of the mixing devices on the market are decades outdated.

Finally, Chairman Liu decided to design and manufacture our own mixer! We cannot imagine that we were not machining enterprises, but deep processing of molybdenum products business! Considering that our issue was a mixing problem caused by the big difference of bulk density of molybdenum powder and carbon powder, this problem is definitely not the only case. If we can develop a new type of equipment to solve the mixing problem in the mixing industry and improve the manufacturing level.

Based on this idea and combined with the advantages of the existing traditional equipment, after painstaking research and many experiments, this new mixer was finally born.In the realization of the barrel rotating to mix material, there is a set of internal spiral blade also rotating,so that the internal ribbon has a shear, stirring effect in the mixing process,the floating light powder can be entangled in, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing evenly.

After the molybdenum products were delivered to the customers, the customers found the previous uneven hardness disappeared.The quality was very good after use.News back to the company,Chairman Liu and all double movement mixer designers,production team were thrilled and sleepless the whole nights, the advent of double movement mixer can solve the problem of  domestic light weight powder not easy to mix,it opened up a new era of mixer.

1. High efficiency: the original mixing time per batch of double cone mixer is 24 hours, double movement mixer can reduce about 80% mixing time compared to the former.

2. High loading rate: The main mixing work of the double-motion mixer is done by the internal moving helical blade, so the remaining space of the cylinder can be very small. Effective loading capacity up to 80%, while double cone mixer only has 45% effective volume.

3. Space saving: The equipment adopts horizontal layout, the inlet is low, feeding can be done without a platform.

4. Energy saving: Transmission efficiency, mix the same weight of the material, the power of only 70% of traditional mixer’s.

5. Small damage to the original appearance: Many industries require that the powder mesh, the proportion unchanged or less changed as much as possible after mixing. 

The whole process of precision control. The core principle of the double movement mixer is that the low-speed flow of powder in multi-faceted, multi-directional low-speed shear mixing, no impact on the powder and high-speed blow, coupled with the mixing time is greatly reduced, so you can keep the basic shape of powder.