Super light powder mixing precautions     

The question raised: In the daily mixing process, super-light powder has always been a mixed problem. Use a three-dimensional mixer to mix a batch of materials. After the mixing is finished, the powders in each group are still. Open the inlet and observe that the superfine powder will float on the superfine powder, which proves that the superfine powder is not completely mixed into the theme, even if Extend the mixing time is also difficult to solve. .
       Ultra-light powder definition: Ultra-light powder is generally the specific gravity less than 0.09 or even lighter, such as: toner, haze and so on. In a single process of gravity diffusion mixing, because the powder has a too small specific gravity, gravity can not restrain the self-floating property of the powder. When the mechanical kinetic energy is slightly increased, the light powder will float in the air, resulting in uniform mixing difficulties.
Solution: If you want to mix the light powder floating above the barrel into the main powder, the mixing equipment must have the ability to capture the floating light powder into the main flour, otherwise it is difficult to mix evenly. After mixing the three-dimensional mixer, the superfine powder floats on the top of the subject powder, indicating that the three-dimensional mixer does not have the ability to capture ultra-light powder. Double-motion mixer is in the operation of the container and then superimposed on the rotation of the internal leaves, and the same direction, the blade faster than the barrel, so containers and leaves will be caught floating in the material above the light powder into the theme of heavy pink, so that Light and heavy powder mix evenly, indicating that double movement mixers have the ability to capture ultra-light powders.
        For example: Superhard industry
     Superhard industry diamond raw materials for the metal powder and graphite powder, graphite powder proportion of about 0.2, the metal powder is 3.0 and above,the two kinds of materials are difficult to mix evenly. Most enterprises in the industry are using 3D mixer, mixing time 6-8 hours, the principle of three-dimensional mixer is gravity diffusion convection mixing, gravity mixing due to the principle of gravity powder mixing has been an industry problem.
        An old engineer in the industry learned that the dynamic mixing process, after the meeting and technicians come with samples come to do experiments, see the dual sports equipment in the three-dimensional mixer to achieve the principle of gravity convection and diffusion based on the realization of the material powder Forced shear within the body, stirring function. Internal screw blade blade speed is higher than the speed of the material bucket, the use of blade coercion will be floating in the material above the graphite powder mixed with metal powder, so that the graphite powder and metal powder evenly mixed. Experimental results The old engineer is very satisfied, troubled for many years is not easy to mix the light powder to be the perfect solution, the final mixing process is set within 4 hours. At present, more than 90% of diamond manufacturers in the super-hard industry are using double movement mixing technology.