Powder density-the important factor influencing mixing

Powder density (specific gravity) plays a very important role in powder mixing. The smaller the difference of powder density is, the easier the powder mixing is. The more the difference of powder density, the more difficult the powder mixing. The powder density also has an influence on the fluidity of the powder. Under the same conditions, the greater the powder density, the better the fluidity.
First, the concept of powder density (proportion)
The density of the powder refers to the mass of powder within the unit volume. In practical applications, the density of the powder can be divided into bulk density and vibrated density.
        1,Bulk density: refers to the small volume of natural accumulation of powder volume and volume ratio of the volume between the powder is loosely combined.
        2, Vibrated density: refers to the unit volume is repeatedly vibrated closely after the powder mass and volume ratio, the powder in a relatively close bond between the state. vibrated density is usually 1.2 to 1.3 times the bulk density.

       3, The actual density of the material in the bucket: In practice, the mixed material density in the bucket of powder is between the loose density and the vibrated density. Therefore, the impact of these two densities must be taken into consideration when calculating the loading capacity of a hybrid plant.

       4, The relationship between the proportion of powder and powder density:
Density is the ratio of powder mass to volume (the measurement of mass is complicated); the specific gravity is the ratio of powder weight to volume (the weight measurement is simple). The density and density of the powder are almost the same at low altitudes near sea level. Therefore, we usually approximate the density by the proportion.
Second, the impact of the proportion of powder on the mix
       Powder proportion is an important factor affecting the mixing process, the impact of the following aspects.
       1, The difference between the proportion of powder on the impact of powder mixing:
           ① Under the same conditions, the smaller the difference in the specific gravity of the powder, the easier it is to achieve the goal of homogenizing and mixing. This is because the powder movement is not prone to uneven weight segregation phenomenon;
           ② Under the same conditions, the greater the difference between the specific gravity of the powder is more difficult to achieve the purpose of homogenization and mixing. This is because the powder is heavier in the movement of the powder particles have the tendency to sink, light powder floating upward movement trend to uniform mixing difficulties.
       2, The proportion of powder on the impact of liquidity can indirectly affect the ease of mixing powder:
          ① The greater the proportion of powder powder in the mixing of liquidity will be better. This is because weight increases the influence of powder movement.
          ② Generally, the better fluidity is, the easier it is to homogenize the powder.
               Note: powder flow "too" good but will give mixed homogenization difficulties, the issue of fluidity will talk about.
Third, the typical mixed problem "Light, heavy powder is not easy to mix"
        When the difference between the larger proportion of the powder there will be light, heavy powder is not easy to mix the problem.
        Application examples: 
        Light weight powder is not easy to mix the problem:
        Questions raised:
       For example, in the seasoning mix should be relatively heavy salt and lighter paprika, dry onion and other mixed, is a typical mixture of light and heavy powder. Powder in the movement of the mixing container, due to light and thin paprika, the proportion of dried onion is much smaller than the sugar, salt, MSG and other powder, it has been floating in the top, if there is no forced mixing means, even if the extension of mixing Time, it is difficult to mix into the theme powder, light pink always floating above the heavy powder has always been sinking in the bottom.
        1, Can be grated, refined salt, MSG and other heavy powder (the same material size smaller will become smaller proportion), so that their proportion close to the salt, MSG and paprika, dry onion powder, etc., thereby reducing Mixing process difficulty. Such an approach will increase costs and need to be measured economically.
        2, The choice of dual-motion mixer can also be a good solution to this problem, due to double-motion mixer container rotation and internal blade rotation in the same direction, different speeds. In this way, the rotation of the bucket can rotate the bottom of the powder to the upper part of the powder, and the coalescing of the full-size spiral blade and the bucket can mix the light powder into the main powder so that the light and heavy powders can be evenly mixed.