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JINHE Mixture Index Formula

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A good helper for the mixed process of dry powder mixer. It is usually to judge whether a mixed task execution is difficult or not. Early often need to take many detours to determine how the mixed task to perform. Gold mixed batch number is to help you do not take a detour, quantitative analysis to guide the implementation of specific mixed tasks, particularly suitable for beginners.

The definition of the JINHE index: JINHE composite index is J, which is assumed to have a number of powder, and each powder has an index.


For this formula: i =1~n
Bi =The specific gravity of second powders 
Di =The diameter of second powders
H = n type powder average index =

In a word: 

For example: There are three type of powders

  a1    B1=1.1      D1=0.01mm
                           b1    B2=0.9     D2=0.015mm
                           c1     B3=1.2     D3=0.03mm

 H =(1.1+0.9+1.2)*(0.01+0.015+0.03)/9=0.019

As a result: J1=0.57