How does the dummy particles in the powder mixing well   

The question: After the powder is mixed, more or less agglomerated particles will be found in the powder. The presence of fake particles indicates that the powder particles in each group are not fully interchanged and appear unevenly on site. After being processed into products, the dough particles are defective.
The formation of fake particles: This agglomeration of particles by a number of small particles Baotou formed larger particles, the general industry as: fake particles for a variety of reasons, such as wet board junction, electrostatic adsorption, heat reunion and so on. Used in the mixing process is the gravity diffusion convection mixing equipment. When this equipment is mixed, the powder only flows inside the barrel and folds, and there is no forced shearing and breaking-up action on the false particles.
        The solution: fake particles in the actual production applications are not dense most of the existence of the state, with a little finger rub will spread. When the material is mixed, a spiral blade is added in the material bucket, and the material is forced to be sheared and stirred continuously by the blades. The particles and particles in the bark can be opened and broken to achieve the purpose of mixing uniformly.
        Application examples:
       A customer mixed materials for food additives, of which a material is 200 mesh, the production process due to temperature reasons,
After cooling, the material appeared caking phenomenon. The mixture was mixed for 30 minutes by a double-cone mixer. When the double-cone mixer was running, the internal materials would continue to flow, tumble and hedge because of gravity. The consolidation of the billet had been improved, Solve the problem of fake particles.
       Later switched to dual-motion mixer, dual-motion mixing principle is the gravity convection diffusion mixing internal compulsory shear mixing type mixing dual-motion mixing process. During the operation of the equipment, the materials inside the cylinder are repeatedly moved, diffused and superimposed by gravity. The internal spiral blades are used to continuously forcibly shear the materials. The materials of the balls are stirred and disintegrated, and the fake particles are completely obtained solve.