Design Ideadesign_idea
  • Propose a brand new concept of double movement mixing

    The core concept of double movement mixing is that while the device drives the container to move and mix the materials, it also drives the full-size blades in the container to move at a higher speed to superpose the materials!

  • Break down the confinement of high-end mixing devices

    The high-end mixing process requires no dead ends,so the high-end mixing equipment before are using container movement (single movement) to mix materials.Because it is a mixing of space changes,so mixing efficiency is low.The idea double movement mixing is a breakthrough and challenge too.

  • Innovation in JINHE

    We are a company with independent research and development ability of innovative technology, we have the courge to overcome difficulties and a group of people who want to devote to careers. Jinhe Company has gone through the whole process from proposing the concept of double movement mixing to research and development and market identification.

  • Domestic initiative - cross-shaft double movement mixer

    It is difficult to realize the concept of double movement mixing on the equipment. It is necessary to overcome the thorny problems such as the integration of two sets of drive devices, the realization and simplification of complex structures, and the reduction of costs. Through our continuous efforts,Jinhe brand double movement mixer successfully launched! Its mixing capacity is 100% more than traditional machines.This is our gift to "China Creation" gift!

  • Surprise of double movement mixer

    During our use and sale,we find that double mvoement mixers not only improve mixing efficiency, but also solve a longstanding, difficult to solve mixing process challenge: "It's not easy to mix light and heavy powders." This is a windfall. !

  • Energy saving response to government calls

    Thanks to the increased mixing efficiency and much more loading (high loading rate), the dual-motion mixer saves 60% more energy than traditional machines.Energy is precious,our actions are more precious!

  • Double movement mixers are still evolving

    Since the advent of our first generation double movement mixer,we have developed 5 generations of products, the latest products are our dedication. A multi-barrel double movement mixer: One device has multiple containers of different sizes.this is not a legend, it is a fact! It can save money for customers! JINHE is to use such a spirit of innovation, for the sake of customers and the community!