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The good application of the double movement 3D hybrid equipment in solid powder

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       Jinhe Equipment Dual-Motion 3D Mixer is a new type of mixer with much higher mixing efficiency and uniformity than other mixing equipment available in the industry such as V-blenders, general 3D blenders, trough blenders, Gravity mixer, etc., but also a mixture of solid powder mixed artifact, which not only mixed, more efficient, time-saving, energy saving. The mixer is different from the three-dimensional mixer not only in terms of structure, but also mixing and mixing uniformity.
        Market Early three-dimensional mixer is the use of space on the inverted mixing of one of the major equipment, which rely on gravity and space convection for solid powder mixing. The use of cantilevered swing operation, so that the material in the barrel can be fully mixed. However, its single performance can not meet the mixing requirements of some materials with high uniformity. Such as medicine, food, additives, metal materials, etc., and the use of cantilevered structure prone to arm danger. The combined motion of the new dual-motion three-dimensional mixer is the use of two dynamic hybrid, not only the use of gravity convection space, but also the use of unique dual-power internal components and bucket movement to achieve powder in the bucket Convection, shear, stirring, to achieve a mandatory mix, so that further improve the uniformity of mixing.
        Jinhe double action new three-dimensional mixer with horizontal structure, and barrel fixed in the base, to prevent the danger of broken arm. More because the material mixed in the space for airtight independent container, you can ensure the entire mixing process to achieve clean, clean, high-quality, environmentally friendly mixing equipment. The main application and the mixing of powder and powder can spray a large amount of liquid into the material during mixing, but the material is solid powder during the mixing process, such as medicine, food, feedstuff, chemical industry, electronic material, Dyes, MSG, additives, plastic particles and so on.
         Jinhe brand dual campaign series of three-dimensional mixer effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises, making enterprises from manual production into machine production, to meet the needs of users!