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Jinhe double action mixer manufacturers - high-end mixing process to achieve eff

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The new mixer is a high efficiency, high performance, high technology, high quality, high technology, better price mixing equipment. Its high-end advantage stems not only from the excellence of the mixer manufacturers quality requirements, but also from the Jinhe double-motion mixer manufacturers of professional powder mixer manufacturing technology research and development. The first to put forward the concept of dual-motion mixing, substantially increase the mixing efficiency of various powders, powder mixing industry become convenient and efficient advanced technology.
         The new three-dimensional mixer under the dual sports technology is a mixing equipment with multi-directional motion stirring. The material is mixed with medium and low speed materials without centrifugal force, without specific gravity segregation and stratification and accumulation. The components may have different weight ratios , Mixing uniformity rate of more than 99%, is the ideal mixer in a variety of products. The mixing effect is also a uniform effect that other mixer manufacturers in the industry can not achieve.
      Equipment regardless of the size of the model can be moved to facilitate the dynamic mixing needs of some workshops. Smooth operation Vibration-free, without feet, but to be on the safe side, there are four feet on the bottom of the unit that allow lifting, handling and installation of anchor bolts when required.
         Jinhe double-motion mixer manufacturers use high-end mixing process to achieve efficient mixing. The overall use of high-grade stainless steel equipment, coupled with advanced technology and better technology, so that the dual movement of the new three-dimensional mixer is not only beautiful appearance, the details are impeccable, such as barrel around the arc, precision polishing, sanitary Environmental quality, making it more suitable for food, pharmaceutical industry, mixed applications. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, diamond, superhard materials, fiber and other industries uniform mixing of dry powder materials.