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Powder mixing equipment development and technological progress

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      Powder mixing equipment to vertical and horizontal-based, and with the development of science and technology, hybrid technology is also continuous improvement and improvement of the hybrid equipment of each age has its own different characteristics and the classic product mechanism (ie, hybrid technology And principle), here on the different stages of powder mixing equipment development and characteristics are introduced.
        Early 90s, the early stages of mixing equipment, this time mainly to simple rotary sports equipment, when the mixing equipment for intermittent operation, mainly for good friction and fluidity of the material mixture. Material properties close to the powder mix to achieve better results. At the same time, due to technical limitations, it can only be used for small-capacity mixing, and high-capacity mixing has the first difficulty. There are a series of problems, such as high energy consumption, noise, covering more, mixing is not clean, easy to destroy the material properties. This time on behalf of the hybrid equipment models planetary double helical cone mixer, coulter mixer and so on.
        From the 20th century to the 21st century, the development of industrial modernization has brought about a series of dramatic changes in the manufacturing industry around us. At this time the mixing equipment has also been replaced, with a ribbon mixer, paddle combination mixer as the main new product. The new mixing equipment retains the characteristics of the ordinary spiral mixer, based on the more mixed good performance, the mixing process is gentle, will not damage the material, and the mixing uniformity has also increased, but also on behalf of the mechanized, automated Traditionally characterized manufacturing has become a modern manufacturing industry that incorporates information technology and high technology.

     Since the 21st century, with the development of medicine, food additives and various supermagnetic materials, the requirements for mixing accuracy and mixing time have been increasing. Along with the continuous expansion of various powder industrial production scales and the large-scale mixer Demand, this time developed a new type of hybrid equipment - a new dual-motion mixer.
         The mixing equipment from the change of product quality, which is characterized by high uniform mixing, and the mixing time, high precision, low energy consumption, small footprint, easy operation, no material residue, the material properties of different powder The body also enables efficient and uniform mixing. The internal paddle and the external barrel are used for superposition and mixing, and the mixing uniformity is high. The loading rate is double that of the earlier equipment, which greatly shortens the mixing time of the whole batch. The mixing operation is stable and the original physical properties of the material are not easily damaged.
         The development of powder mixing equipment is the result of continuous innovation. The continuous development of powder mixing equipment and the continuous improvement of process technology serve more powder industries and serve the production of higher quality products.