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New horizontal mixer a variety of powder mix a good helper

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    Domestic new horizontal mixer is a variety of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives powder, feed, refractory materials, new materials, electronic plastics, ceramics, fertilizers, metallurgy, mining, dry mortar, battery materials, EPS, special building materials, etc. Various industries of powder and solid, powder and powder mixing the best choice, but also a variety of powder mixing dedicated mixing equipment.
        The new horizontal mixer described here is a dual-motion horizontal mixer with a combination of gravity-diffusing, forced shearing and mixing. The principle of mixing makes the double-motion mixer series have good mixing effect since the production and application, and solve the mixing problems of various powders, which are popular with the public.
        The new horizontal mixer adopts advanced dual-motion structure to mix powder, high mixing uniformity, fast mixing speed and lower process complexity. Mainly in between this advanced dual-motion structure, the two results superimposed mix, you can do a lot of mixed, small (microscopic powder particles) mixed. "Large uniform" refers to the macro mixing tank can not have dead ends, and some traditional mixer bucket fixed only blade agitation, the bottom of the bucket will have dead ends; "large uniform" is also reflected in the light pink, heavy Powder should also be fully uniform, light powder can not be suspended without entering the main powder.
     Double-motion principle of the new horizontal mixer is to adapt to the new material industry and pharmaceuticals, food additives and other powder mixed needs arising from, to ensure that the large quantities of materials mixed evenly, and to meet a variety of fine powder, uniform Mixing requirements. This demanding requirement has never been a problem for more and more enterprises before the introduction of dual-motion mixing equipment. This has seriously hampered the development of some enterprises and the improvement of product quality, which is not conducive to the promotion and application of new materials. The new horizontal Blender - The dual-motion mixer gave birth to new forces and support for the development of domestic and foreign enterprises.