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The new three-dimensional mixer gives the powder mix an unusual blend

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   Powder mixing requires a certain degree of uniformity of mixing requirements, the test of uniformity of mixing is a practical standard to meet product needs. Some industries require very high, such as the powder metallurgy industry usually require the alloy elements can be evenly distributed in the form of particles, in the formation of tiny metal crystals uniform alloy structure to achieve the best metal performance. Therefore, the requirements of the microscopic crystal uniform distribution of various powders, then using a common mixer (such as V-mixer, trough mixer, three-dimensional mixer, ribbon mixer) can not complete the powder mixed evenly, Only the use of dual-action three-dimensional mixer with forced shearing within the mix to achieve uniform mixing requirements.
        The mixer is a new type of three-dimensional mixer in the industry. It is a kind of high-end and high-efficiency mixing equipment developed by Jin He Double Action Co., Ltd. with the advanced level in the industry. Its concept is to rotate the material bucket of the mixer to mix the materials Also allow the built-in full-size blade group independent rotation, in different directions, different speed stacking material on the mixture. Thus greatly improving the mixing efficiency. This hybrid concept and device implementation is a pioneering move!
     High efficiency The new three-dimensional mixer uses double-motion superposition and mixing of high-end technology, with dual-motion mixer, good, fast, more, the provincial four advantages. The advantages of the four-hybrid technology of the dual-motion mixer:
        First, good: double-motion mixer mixed "good" to achieve large mixed, small enough to mix the full ideal state.
        Second, more: Dual-motion mixer fitted "more", the maximum loading rate up to 80% of the volume, saving procurement costs for enterprises, saving space and ensure operational safety.
        Third, the fast: double sports mixer mixed "fast", mixing time than the three-dimensional mixer shortened 60% for the enterprise to save a lot of energy, raw material turnover and working capital.
        Four Provinces: Jinhe brand dual-motion mixer used the "province" than the traditional mixer save more than 50%, saving about 70%, saving about half the space, saving about 30%, without barriers, the use of more Safety.
        Double motion three-dimensional mixer Unusual internal mixing system completely eliminates the material dead ends, 360 degrees all-round dead-end mixing to achieve uniform mixing of various parts inside the barrel, with high efficiency double stacking and mixing principle, the perfect solution to each Uneven mix of problems.