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Double sports equipment in the pharmaceutical industry

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       According to the provisions of the national health regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical mixing in the pharmaceutical industry is often the use of two-dimensional mixer for the mixing of medical powder, the hard test on the one hand is out of the mixing equipment for space on the production space, On the other hand, it is often due to the cognitive rigidity of national health regulators in the area of ??pharmaceutical mixing. It is also due to these reasons that the development of pharmaceutical powders has been stagnant, unable to continuously improve the uniformity of the products, the pharmaceutical companies have been constrained, unable to highlight the original mixed predicament and naturally can not form outstanding product competition ability. In the pharmaceutical industry, since the major pharmaceutical companies in recent years have also increased their drug development and introduction efforts, the original two-dimensional mixer has little incentive to mix more and more powder materials. And when the high-tech materials continue to appear, especially the material once the mesh reaches more than 3000 mesh, gravity on its binding is minimal, a slight mechanical force will make it drift up, even if the mixing for a long time can not be mixed , While the dual-motion mixing equipment can solve such problems, to achieve a uniform powder mix.
        From the principle of mixing, the two-dimensional mixer relies mainly on gravity-diffusion convection and material convection to achieve material mixing. Such equipment includes two-dimensional mixer, three-dimensional mixer, V blender and double cone blender Class mixer no mixed dead ends, but this type of mixer can only protect the macroscopical uniform material, from the microscopic point of view, can not guarantee the material mixed evenly. Through the experiment and analysis, it is found that the single mixing principle causes the equipment mixing effect is not ideal, the product can not be stable and controllable, for the mixing of ultrafine powder, ultrafine powder is not ideal and so on, these problems for the selection of dual motion mixing equipment The manufacturer is not a problem, but also the ideal mixture of mixed protection.
        The double-motion mixing process draws on the better hybrid design of both mixing principles, combining gravity-diffusion mixing with mechanical shear mixing. Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. R & D dual-motion hybrid set is a set of power system driven two sets of exercise systems, one set of exercise system to achieve the material around the flow of gravity diffusion mixing, the other set of sports systems using mechanical shear mixing to solve The above mixing problems, so as to achieve the material in the macro and micro point of view to achieve uniform mixing.