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Small three-dimensional mixer - research institutes dedicated equipment

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       Small three-dimensional mixer is various universities, colleges, research institutes and other major equipment for powder mixing. Double movement of small three-dimensional mixer in the case of one-thousandth of the case can also be mixed evenly, and the specific gravity of the different and different particle size of the material mixture will not produce stratified segregation phenomenon, especially for powder, granule, ultrafine powder Materials, pharmaceutical granules, beverage granules, coffee, milk tea, milk and other mixed materials mixed applications.
        The small mixer adopts the utility model hybrid structure researched and developed independently by the gold combination equipment, the operation of the equipment is simple, the volume is small, the operability is strong, and is suitable for the occasions needing mixing of various solid powders.
        Using self-developed into the discharge port design, the import and export become more automated. Double-motion mixing structure, so that the mixing process, in the realization of the bucket rotating mixed material, there is a set of internal spiral blades are rotating mixing, so that the internal ribbon in the mixing process has a shear powder, mixing , You can put the floating light powder entrained, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing evenly. So that the bucket of powder for a full range of touch, in order to achieve full mixing.
        Jinhe double sports small three-dimensional mixer and material contact are made of stainless steel, the mixing process will not produce volatile materials, deterioration and loss of scientific research, a variety of powder mixing a good helper, and with a professional Engineer for your selection! As long as you need a mixed process, to Zhengzhou Jinhe, there is always a double campaign series of three-dimensional mixer equipment for you!