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Application of New Three dimensional Mixer in Food Seasoning Industry

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   Food seasoning industry mainly mix the main mix of dry powder, the main application process is the various elements of the powder particles mixed together. However, there may be some problems in mixing. Therefore, a new three-dimensional mixer with a certain mixing process needs to be selected. The double motion three-dimensional mixer is to solve some problems in the conventional mixer powder mixing process. Large differences in particle size and specific gravity cause problems such as uneven mixing.
       The food additive industry is very large in scale and has a wide range of applications. The three dimensional mixers used are also varied, with the highest mixing efficiency, the highest loading rate, the shortest mixing time and the least energy consumption, Mixer is a three dimensional motion mixer, it is a hybrid device with dual motion technology. The three-dimensional mixer operates in a multi directional movement of the bucket, and the inner blades are also operating, allowing the material to be uniformly mixed under various forces , Non-specific gravity segregation and stratification, accumulation, the components may have a disproportionate weight ratio, the mixing rate of 99.9% or more, is currently a variety of powder mixer in a more ideal product.
        Double sports three dimensional mixer with tapered bucket, loading rate, up to 85% (ordinary mixer is only 40%), high efficiency, mixing time is short. In the food additives industry, the widest range of applications and has been widely acclaimed by users, all regions of the food additive customers have dual sports food additive mixer in the application, the effect of customers alike.