Veterinary drug powder horizontal mixing machine improve mixture unifornity

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Veterinary drug powder horizontal mixing machine doubled to improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. since 2001, in the high efficiency and high performance horizontal hybrid machine unremitting research, a large number of customers use, continuous innovation and progress, in the animal drugs, health products industry use has also obtained a good reputation of users.
Recently with the production of veterinary drugs of high-tech enterprises, Shandong a biological engineering Co., LTD. (China Animal Husbandry shares holding), double listed company, the national high-tech enterprise.A JHY1500L dual sports medicine horizontal hybrid machine is delivered, and with an automatic control system, can be connected with the upstream and downstream process, so that the whole production line to achieve automatic control production.
Dual sports veterinary medicine horizontal mixing machine improves the production efficiency by several times:
1. The mixing time is shortened from 60 minutes to 20 minutes;
2. The loading rate of the hybrid machine is increased from 50% to 80%;
3. Before the mixing, it is added and pre-mixed, but now it is not needed. It can be put directly fed according to the formula, and the mixing is more uniform.
Principles of dual motion horizontal mixer:
Veterinary medicine powder horizontal mixer mixing part for the full size spiral blade, spiral blade Angle design is very reasonable, mixing machine rotation, material roll up and down, mixing the full size spiral blade in the mixing bucket, make the material, up and down, produce a certain Angle, make the material cylinder material flow, micro exchange position between particles and particles, so that the material mixed evenly.
Veterinary drug powder horizontal mixing machine using end surface dynamic sealing, using multi-layer sealing assembly sealing, practice has proved very good effect.Veterinary drug powder mixing machine can be regular stirring function, before stirring only need to set the time, then automatically stop.It not only saves energy, but also can prevent the safety accidents caused by the machine is still running after the operator leaves the machine.The whole machine uses stainless steel material, gap sealing strip closed, in line with the requirements of GMP, suitable for pharmaceutical and veterinary drug additives and other powder or granular material uniform mixing, the cylinder has no dead corners, no material accumulation, fast speed, short mixing time.