3D mixer brings the high mixing process of tungsten molybdenum produ

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The new 3D mixer brings the high mixing process of tungsten and molybdenum products.
The characteristics of tungsten and molybdenum products new three-dimensional mixing machine, especially from the mixing process, mixing effect, equipment structure, mixing principle are superior with the existing powder mixing machine, is recently developed gold equipment, for the new cross shaft movement mixer, horizontal combination, smaller, more stable performance, is a high performance equipment, various styles of full size blade mixing while high speed cutting type precision fine mixing performance.Its application in tungsten and molybdenum powder mixing, the mixing effect is significantly improved, and the product quality is improved.In the powder industry, whether the performance, structure, application, or process is more advanced.
Zhengzhou Jinhe designed and produced the Jinhe brand dual sports 3 D hybrid machine on the basis of the operation of the material cylinder, A set of double-layer screws is set internally to rotate independently, During the mixture process, The rotation of the material bucket can bring up the powder in the bucket to roll up and down, convection and other effects, Make the powder on the macroscopic mixing evenly; For the tungsten and molybdenum powder, The movement of the material barrel causes the powder to make the convection superposition mixed motion under the reaction of gravity, At the same time, the speed of eight double screw blades is higher than the material cylinder, The screw blade can shear, penetrate and convection to the powder, Change the particles between the powder, Mutual infiltration, Make the powder and powder micro more uniform, Thus improving the quality of powder products such as tungsten and molybdenum products, Let customers in the increasingly competitive market to increase the competitiveness.
In the production of tungsten and molybdenum products, in order to achieve the quality of the product, it is necessary to solve the problem of how to evenly mix the ultra-light and trace carbon powder, such as the main molybdenum powder.The industry has been using the old mixer for many times to repeat the process, not only time-consuming, the effect is very little, and efficient dual motion three-dimensional hybrid machine in fully mixing different powder, but also use the action of blade pressure, very ideal to solve the requirements of light powder, heavy powder full mixing.
The dual motion mixing process of the new 3 D mixer is:
1. Products and industries with high mixed process requirements;
2. The existing mixing time is too long, and I want to improve the efficiency and shorten the time;
3. Enterprises with small workshop area and that want to put large equipment;
4. The laboratory research and development and production requirements of the new materials industry;
5. Enterprises that seek new and efficient hybrid processes to develop and produce new products;
6. There are some difficulties in powder mixing, which is difficult to achieve the industry goals.