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The pharmaceutical industry generally has high requirements for mixing, for dialysate powder mixing, not only to use a new horizontal mixing machine, but also need more efficient mixing machine.Diysate is the fluid that is exchanged with hemodialysis and blood on both sides of the dialysis membrane through diffusion.The dialysate contained K +, Na +, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Cl-, HCO3-, and acetic acid.The dialysate has a certain osmolarity for rectal, abdominal, or in vitro dialysis.
1. Sodium
Sodium is the major cation in the extracellular fluid and plays an important role in maintaining plasma osmolarity and blood volume.To maintain the sodium balance in the dialysis patients, the sodium in the dialysate is slightly lower than the normal serum sodium value, and the concentration is generally 135 to 145 mmol/L.
2. Potassium
Potassium is the main cation of intracellular fluid, and the dialysate concentration is generally 0 ~ 4 mmol/L, and the dialysate with different potassium concentration can be selected according to different needs.Potassium-free dialysate is mainly used for patients with urinary or high catabolism of acute renal failure or the first 1~2 hours of dialysis; low potassium dialysate is mostly used for patients with high blood potassium or induction period; conventional dialysate is used for maintenance dialysis with normal blood potassium or patients taking digitalis.
3. Calcium
The calcium concentration of dialysate is extremely important to maintain the dynamic balance of calcium in the body, and can avoid the adverse reactions caused by calcium metabolism disorders in patients.The blood calcium levels of maintenance hemodialysis patients are mostly low, and the blood calcium reaches normal or mild positive balance during dialysis, and the calcium content of dialysate should be between 1.25~1.75mmol/L.
4. Magnesium
Chronic renal failure frequently has hypermagnnesemia, and the dialysate magnesium concentration is generally 0.5~0.75mmol/L, slightly lower than normal plasma magnesium.
5. Chlorine
The chloride ions in the dialysate were essentially the same as in the extracellular fluid, as determined by the concentration of the cation and sodium acetate, ranging from 100 to 115 mmol/L.
6. Base
Patients with chronic renal failure have different degrees of metabolic acidosis and increased anion gap, buffer bicarbonate (HCO3-) decreased, need to be supplemented from dialysate, acetate and carbonate can produce HCO3-, can be used to supplement the deficiency of HCO3-in the body.The common concentration of acetate is 35 to 40 mmol/L, and the bicarbonate concentration is generally 30 to 40 mmol/L.
7. Glucose
According to the need to choose different sugar concentration of dialysate, divided into sugar-free dialysate, high sugar dialysate and low sugar dialysate 3 kinds.
Due to the different proportion of powder, there are light powder and heavy powder, it is difficult to mix. The golden double motion horizontal mixing machine in the rotating container, and in the same direction and twice the rotation speed as the material cylinder.So the container and blades will wrap the floating light powder into the main weight powder, So that the light and heavy powder can be evenly mixed; And some manufacturers of traditional mixers are also aware of the mixing principle, Want to change the problem of mixing light and heavy powder in the mixing process, which is not easy to mix, For example, add rotating screw blades to the traditional double-cone mixer; Such a modified double cone mixing machine can not solve the problem of heavy powder is not easy to mix; Because the structure of the double-cone mixer determines that the added screw blade is very small, When the light powder floats above during the mixing process, Its leaves can not be wrapped to the top of the light powder to participate in the mixing.
The dual motion horizontal mixer loads by up to 80%, which reduces the floating space of light powder, while increasing the accumulation pressure inside the powder.The material has no dead corners, screw blade shear, mixing, interweaving, binding is the main way of mixing, mixing and V mainly by gravity diffusion mixing, the optimal loading rate is not higher than 50%, the light powder suspension space is not good for the light and heavy powder mixing; this is better than the traditional mixing function.