Requirements for mixers in global powder metallurgy industry

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With the rapid development of global industrialization, powder metallurgy technology has been widely used in transportation, machinery, electronics, aviation and other fields, especially in the field of automobile manufacturing. Mainly in the North American, European and Asian regions, Russia and other countries, the powder metallurgy industry is developing rapidly. So requires the production process also are developing, and the powder mixing problem that was easily overlooked in the past is more and more valued by major manufacturers. At the same time, it is necessary to find a new mixing process. The traditional application of the double cone mixer, three dimensional Mixers and V type mixers have such shortcomings that seriously affect the final quality of the product. The powder metallurgy industry urgently needs an high efficient mixer.

Is there a new mixing process that can solve the problem of uneven mixing,  broken powder, low loading, and excessive mixing time? After many manufacturers' use, Jinhe double movement mixer can solve these problems well, and it can bring unexpected surprises to customers.
The double movement mixer is developed by Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd., It's our national patent product. The mixing principle is different with that traditional mixing equipment. The traditional equipment is mixed by a single motion, or the barrel rotary or the blades are stirred. The double movement mixer has two sets of motion systems. When the barrel rotary to make the material convection, inner full size blade is also independently rotated and stirred. The superposition of the two forces has the ability to interspersing, cutting and coerce the material. The function can make the material mix uniformity and mix well in small space to achieve an ideal mixing effect. Due to this advanced mixing principle, it determines his 80% load ing rate and saves one-third of the mixing time compared to the V type mixer, double cone mixer and horizontal ribbon mixer . After the application of the customers, it has won unanimous praise.