Efficient mixer is a guarantee for powder uniform mixing

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Powder materials mixing is widely used in industry, involving various industries, such as food process, pharmaceutical production process, production of various tools, etc., all involving powder mixing process. Therefore, it can be said that mixing is often an indispensable process in industrial production and life. It is often used in metallurgy, papermaking, food processing, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, superhard tools, diamond tools, high tech industries, aerospace and other fields. And some of these production processes require high efficient mixing requirement, such as high tech industries, superhard materials and aerospace, which require efficient powder mixing and also high requirements for mixing equipment.
Powder mixing under the mixing equipment process, no matter in which industry, the mixing effect will directly determine the quality of the industry's products, so it is very important to mix the powder materials efficiently. It is also important to choose high efficient mixing equipment. Since the powder movement during the mixing process is very complicated and various powder's characteristics are different, how to correctly evaluate the material properties and the mixing requirements is directly related to the quality of the mixing equipment and the mixing effect. 
Powder mixing involves gas-liquid-solid three phase agitation mixing, which is very common in various industrial processes such as chemical, petrochemical, and metallurgical industries. Different mixing equipment is also required to complete different phase mixing. Since there are two kinds of dispersed phases in the three phase system, the interaction between phases is complicated. There is no mature experimental and theoretical research can reach one set mixing machine achieve multiple mixing requirements.
                                 This picture is simple stainless steel liquid mixing equipment
                                                    This is common gas mixing equipment
                                                   This is efficient powder mixing equipment
Mixing involves gas-liquid mixing, liquid-liquid mixing, solid-solid mixing. The gas-liquid mixing equipment is mainly used for mixing gas and compatible liquid, and the liquefaction temperature of the gas is generally below 0 ° C, and the liquid curing temperature is -10 ° C. The liquid-liquid mixing equipment is to uniformly mix several liquids of different densities. Generally, the structure of the mixing tank is simple, and it is also necessary to select an efficient mixing equipment. Solid-solid mixing is mixture of between powder and powder. It involves a wide range and more mixing principles. There are convection mixing, shear mixing, gravity diffusion mixing, etc.
The common mixing is solid mixing, and the variety of solid mixing equipment have V type mixer, three dimensional mixer, double movement mixing equipment, double cone mixing equipment, trough mixing equipment, etc. Adapted to different industries, you can choose the most suitable mixing equipment according to powder mixing requires. The characteristics of the powder in the solid mixing have a great influence on the mixing uniformity, and the powder mixing equipment also determines the level of mixing uniformity. The selection of an efficient mixing equipment is a guarantee for the good mixing effect.