Application of JHY double motion mixer in Battery Industry

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             The double movement  cylinder rotates to carry on the gravity diffusion mixing to the material, but also lets the internal screw belt blade carry on the forced shear mixing to the material in the same direction, the different speed. Customer is very approbated to our double motion mixing principle. The double motion mixer can solve the problem of large specific gravity of lithium iron phosphate powder and difficult mixing uniformity of trace elements.

             The full size of JHY series of double motion 3D mixer can be opened to avoid cross contamination between each batch of materials. After going back, Customer  arranged to purchase and order a JHY series of double motion three-dimensional mixer. After putting into use, it solved the problem of mixing uniformity well before, opened the full size of the cylinder, cleaned more thoroughly, and solved the problem of cross-contamination of each batch of materials.
 The application of dual motion 3D mixer in battery industry solves more mixing problems for enterprises and brings high-end and efficient mixing.