Congratulate Delivery of Thailand's USD$26,7000 Pharmaceutical Mixer!

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Recently, 10SETS JHX400L pharmaceutical 3D mixer production lines ordered by Thai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment have been successfully manufactured and shipped to the customer's factory.

Our company was established in 2001 and has rich experience in production, customization and export. This Thai customer came to China to inspect many manufacturers before placing the order with us. However, after many comparisons, he chose us because:
First, our company has a group of high quality technical team and a strong production team, using advanced production equipment to map out and customize production according to customer requirements. Due to business needs, our factory expanded construction two weeks ago and has increased Put into production, greatly shortening the delivery time.
Second,what's more important is that the double movement mixer has outstanding mixing effect. This JHX pharmaceutical 3D mixer adopts the unique double movement mixing principle. The more convenient and quick cleaning method and the high efficiency of mixing uniformity make our cooperation complete successfully . Now, these mixing equipments has been delivered and approved by the company, quickly put into production, and created greater value for the company.
Lastly,In order to enable customers to obtain better applications, Jinhe equipment manufacture Co., Ltd also customized vacuum feeder joints for the pharmaceutical mixer cover, and equipped with 10sets vacuum feeding machine and 2sets multifunctional packaging machines. Help the customer perfectly solves the automatic production line integrating feeding, mixing and packaging.

JHX series double movement 3D mixer is a wide range of mixing equipment used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, not only because of its reasonable structure, advanced technology, but also because of its convenience to customers, high degree of automation, high mixing uniformity, and operation. The stability and noise have been recognized and appreciated by customers.