Professional large batch of new double cone mixer

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   With the reform of the national economy, more and more enterprises are in transition. Reform and innovation are the prevailing vocabularies. Many high tech enterprises often encounter the problem of how to increase product output when applying new technologies and new solutions. It involves the issue of mixed process, how to mix as much material as possible, and the mixing uniformity can be guaranteed, how to improve the efficiency of enterprises is now more and more enterprises are facing problems.
   Zhengzhou Jinhe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise. As the only domestic manufacturer that produces super-large mixers, compared with the traditional mixers, Jinhe Mixer has its own unique features, automatically find positive , Automatic docking and other automation facilities walk in front of various enterprises, saving operating time, personalized user-friendly operation, in the traditional large-scale mixer on the basis of an exclusive patented six leaves involved in the mixing task, the material forming the upper and lower material convection at the same time Left and right direction also formed convection, interspersed and so on, to break the traditional mixer can only be mixed up and down convection can not be left and right convection mixed technical problems, time certification, excellent equipment, workmanship, automation design to join, for the customer to save a lot of manpower Cost, while improving the uniformity of mixing and improve production efficiency.