Cosmetics raw materials mixer

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  There are many types of cosmetic raw materials, liquid, but also powder. The mixing of liquids is relatively easy, and the mixing of powders is relatively more difficult, mainly because the powder's specificity affects the homogeneity of the mixture. For example, the fluidity of powders, light and heavy powders, fine powders and fake particles in powders all have an influence on the mixing process.
   Fake particles in cosmetics raw materials is formed by the small particles Baotuan formed between the larger particles ----- that pseudo-particles. The formation of fake particles for a variety of reasons, such as wet plate knot, electrostatic adsorption, adhesion due to the processing of high temperature and so on. If you do not open the fake particles when the powder is mixed, it will affect the mixing effect and thus the quality of the final product.
   To avoid the appearance of fake particles, it is necessary to have a shear force that can open and break up the adhesion between the fines during mixing. The traditional three-dimensional mixer, V-type mixer in mixing can not provide such a shear force, so the fake particles will be powerless. Jinhe new dual-motion cosmetics dry powder mixer has full-size blades within the intercalation and shear movement, can be a good fake particles open, break up, to achieve better mixing effect.