Maintenance and Repair of 3D mixer Power System

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 Maintenance and Repair of 3D Hybrid Power System
1, three-dimensional mixer reducer, such as regular use, to be replaced every three months a new oil, the replacement should be cleaned with a new oil reducer.
2, three-dimensional mixer reducer bearing cap end of the axis of activity with blades, the shaft is equipped with oil cup lubrication, the use of each working class with a butter gun plus butter 1-2 times.
3, mechanical inspection 1-2 times a month on a regular basis, check the parts for the worm, worm, bearings, oil seals, the rotation is flexible part of the operation, fasteners are loose and found that anomalies should be promptly addressed.
4, during use, if it is found that three-dimensional mixer vibration abnormal or abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking.
5, electrical control parts should be clean and sensitive, found that the fault should be promptly repaired.
6, mixing pulp should be light demolition demolition demolition, stable, light, so as not to damage deformation.
7, after the use of three-dimensional mixer, should brush all parts of the machine residual material, deactivate a long time, the machine must be wiped clean all the parts surface coated with anti-rust oil, with a tarpaulin cover.
8, Lubrication: For the first time, it is necessary to clean the oil regularly to prevent the dirt from entering the gear box, affecting the service life of the whole machine. Mixed groove wall bearing back-end plus grease.