JINHE brand Double Motion Mixer Maintenance Manual

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1.Device operation way
Start: Open the power switch button, adjust mixing time, press the ‘get ready’ button and the ‘run’
button at the same time,then machine start mix work ( the operation way different with PLC control
Stop: Under normal circumstances, the device will stop automatically within the preset time. If
need to stop temporarily device, you can press ‘Stop’ or ‘Emergency Stop’ to force the device to
stop immediately.
Device Joggle Operation: Press the 'prepare' key and press the 'forward joggle' (or 'reverse joggle')
key to make the device run temporarily and release it.
2.Reducer motor maintenance
Begin use New devices need add lubricating gear oil.
After firstly used it three months need change lubricating gear oil,then change it every six month:
Different season should adopt different types lubricating gear oil.
3.Gear Maintenance
Add grease on the gear teeth: once a month (If the powders with high dust, add once a week).
4.Maintenance of the seal assemblies
Checkit if there’s powder leakage during the daily use, and the peep hole is in the top of the
material barrel, in the four side holes of the sleeve barrel.
5.Coupling maintenance
Observe the concentricity of the coupling and the wear of the elastic pad regularly, and if have any
abnormality need be repaired in time (No coupling device please ignore this item).
6.Bearings maintenance
Regularly(3 months) add lubricant to the bearing lubrication hole to ensure bearing lubrication.
7.Chain maintenance
Need add grease once a month(No Chain device please ignore this item).
8.The check for Reducer motor base and Bearing base
Regularly Check the screws in reducer base and bearing base loose or not,If was loose, fastened