Market frequently used powder mixing equipment feature

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Powder mixing is a process of a specific industry powder that achieved by mixing equipment.Because of mixer machine need mixing various powder. So it has different type,exterior,principle and different ranges to use.But overall. The working principles can devided into two categories:Gravity diffusion type and forced shear type.

1.Gravity diffusion type mixing equipment is a mixture of flow,diffusion,hedging,folding etc motion by constantly raising the center of gravity of the powder. On the macro to mix and permeate powders,so achieve the goal of  high mixing uniformity.
Representative machine:v type mixer machine,double cone mixer machine and three demensional mixer machine.
Advantage: On the macro level, the powder flows quickly in the container,and it can achieve in the container up and down,left and right space basically uniform,no mixing dead angle,high mixing uniformity.
Disadvantage: On the micro level,the local space between adjacent particles changes slowly,and it can't achieve fine mixing. In addtion,it can't solve the mixed problem of light powder and trace element addition.
2.Forced shear type mixing equipment used the moving blade in the container to mix the powder repeatedly and shearing. On the micro level,the adjacent relation between powder particles is continuously broken up to allow the powder particles to move and exchange fully,so as to achieve the goal of uniform powder.
Representative machine: Single cone type mixer machine,trough type mixer machine and colter mixer machine.
Advantage: On the micro level can achieve the goal of fine mixing uniformity,and because the iner flow efficiency of powder is high,so the mixing efficiency is relatively high.
Disadvantage: It cannot achieve on macroscopic up and down,left and right overall even. It wll has powder dead angle due to the barrel is stationary. Equipment starting load is particularly large,the full load is difficult to start,and it take time and electricity;there have residue in the discharge,which can't meet the fine mixing of powder.
In the industry, variety of mixing equipment with two mixing principles has certain univerlasity of in powder applications. But single process and principle are increasingly inapplicable to some high requirement or complicated powder mixing applications. In this case,double movement mixing equipment with multiple movement is required to achieve high precision uniform mixing.
Double movement mixing equipment is a gravity diffusion type mixing superposition forced shear type mixing,increase the mixing internal strength of the powder mixture and achieve high precision mixing. At the same time, the double movement mixing equipment is a two sets of motion series that performs a 360-degree running mixing powders without dead angle. Combined with gravity diffusion,forced shear,convection superposition and forced mixing etc all kinds of mixing motion. Double movement mixing equipment uses a new double motion mixing principle,solving most of the powder mixing problems in the industry.