The new model three dimensional mixer realizes the mechanical integration

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From the early manly simple mixture to the mechanical integration of the hybrid, powder mixing experienced The Times change, powder mixing equipment is update quickly, such as the double movement mixer, three dimensional mixer, etc. but What mixing machine can be used to solve the mixed problems which exist in 80% enterprises? so the mixer devices sould be designed according to different satuiations. There are several mixed problems that have existed. Only when the problem is fully understood, then can the choose the suitable mixing equipment to solve the mixing problem and achieve the high uniformity mixing task.
1. the existence of centrifugal force in the mixed movement which affects the uniform mixing of the material. It can make the mixing materials with large difference in powder properties or the large difference of density to be segregation.
2. the mixed material because of its viscosity performance or particles can produce clouds block, cliques and accumulation of movement, etc., in this case, even the three dimensional mixer cannot make mixed material effective diffusion, only the new high efficiency double movement three dimensional mixing machine motion state to overcome the above disadvantages, it is the ideal efficient mixing equipment in the world.
Double movement three dimensional mixer has the features of quick discharge, no residual, mixing the advantages of no segregation in a low speed when mixing powder, at the same time there are different series mixer to solve the high fineness, nanoscale materials or cohesive means of granular material, it can achieve a variety of material mixing the powder.
Zhengzhou Jinhe machinery manufacturing co., LTD., specialized in the double movement mixer, had achieved a breakthrough in the mixing efficiency, mixing uniformity,  single batch mixing, compared with the traditional three dimensional mixer, it has the advantages of hybrid and mixing time, the same batch of material mixing, double movement mixer can shortens more than fifty percent time and help enterprises to save the production cost. In addition, the loading rate of the barrel can above 85%, which is equivalent to one machine as two machines in use.