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How to choose a efficient 3D plastic mixing machine?

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      Plastic mixing, some formulations require different particle size, different proportion of plastic for uniform mixing, and plastic mixing process is commonly used in the proliferation of configuration, mixing, convection, shear, which has a higher mixer requirements, you need to have Convection, mixing, shearing function of the mixing equipment, dual motion three dimensional mixer is such a device.
        Different granularity of the material on the mixing uniformity, mixing batch, mixing time, mixing process, unloading time, remaining margin and the dead angle inside the machine has an impact. Such as plastic size of the different sizes of the mixer there is a certain impact, with the industry quality horizontal double motion mixer and the general three dimensional mixer, for example, in the gold equipment laboratory powder horizontal double-motion mixer and Three dimensional mixer were conducted a variety of experimental study. The results show that the mixing uniformity is not affected by the particle size of the mixer. The CV of CVM is less than 5% at the speed of n = 40rpm and 2 minutes. With the increase of particle size Increasing, the best mixing time, unloading time and retention were significantly changed little over-mixed separation is not obvious. In addition, it was found that there was no dead angle when mixing fines. At the same time, the experiments on the three dimensional mixer showed that the size of the powder had a certain range of influence on the mixing. When the rotational speed was n = 40rpm and the mixing time was 10 minutes, the coefficient of variation CV was less than 10% Increase, the best mixing time, unloading time and retention were significantly increased, the phenomenon of over-mixed separation is obvious. In addition, there are also dead ends found in mixed fines.
     Now the most advanced on the market is the plastic double motion three dimensional mixer produced by Zhengzhou JINHE, which is one of the representative models of the double-motion mixer and the classic hybrid model in the industry. The new type of three. It is not only the most efficient mixing equipment in the plastic mixing industry, but also can solve the problem of particle mixing with different strength of plastic materials, the problem of plastic and powder mixing, and the mixture of plastic and precious metal.
       Double motor plastic mixer a motor, two sets of exercise equipment, barrel rotating small corner at the same time, the full range of the barrel inside the blade is also rotating mixing, the material has been coerced, interspersed, convection force can be solved All the problems of plastic mixing.
       Plastic new three dimensional mixer used to use more than double cone plastic mixer, v plastic mixer, plastic mixing, but the use of the process will encounter different problems, for example, light materials are always floating in the top, it is difficult to mix with heavy materials The problem Mixers for a long time undermine the material structure of the external problems. Since the introduction of the dual-motion three dimensional mixer, it has perfectly solved all the challenges of plastic mixing and allows for more efficient mixing in the industry.