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Veterinary medicine industry how to choose a mixer?

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Veterinary medicine industry has a variety of different mixer and use. From the current common usage point of view, the three-dimensional mixer to be more, some users have found a better use of the dual-motion mixer, double-motion mixer from the production efficiency and uniformity of mixing have leap improvement. The following is a performance analysis of two types of mixer, from which you can see which vending machine or pharmaceutical powder industry is more suitable for what kind of mixing equipment.
        Three-dimensional mixer movement principle and application analysis:
        Three-dimensional mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity, the two or more materials evenly mixed machinery. Three-dimensional hybrid machinery is widely used in various industries and daily life. Three-dimensional mixer can mix a variety of materials into a uniform mixture, such as cement, sand, gravel mixed into concrete raw materials, etc .; The main advantage is that there is no dead end, all the material within the barrel mixed, all kinds of materials can be Themed powders are mixed together. Used in the process, used for the same formula, the material properties are not very different, such as the particle size to be closer to a variety of materials with little difference in the content of the formula can be mixed more evenly. If the powder characteristics vary greatly, the mixing uniformity requirements are relatively high, it is necessary to use another mixer.
    Dual-motion mixer movement principle and process advantages analysis:
        Dual-motion mixer is a contemporary advanced level of Jinhe double action independent research and development of hybrid equipment, the idea is to make the mixer rotating drums to mix the material while also allowing the full-size built-in leaf group independent rotation, In different directions, different speeds on the material stack mixed. Thus greatly improving the mixing efficiency. Between this advanced structure, you can do a lot of mixed, small (microscopic powder particles) mixed.
       Double motion mixer One of the two forms of uniform "large uniform" refers to the macroscopic mixed bucket can not have dead ends, and some conventional mixer bucket fixed only blade agitation, bucket bottom will have dead ends ; "Uniform" is also reflected in the light powder, heavy powder should be fully uniform, light powder can not be suspended without entering the main powder. The two "mixed" small enough "means that the powder in the microscopic range of particles within the powder should also be fully uniform, if our original powder is nanoscale or near nanoscale, this requirement is even higher, Ordinary mixer simply can not meet this requirement, even if the extension of the mixing time is not enough, the pharmaceutical industry is well applied, let alone the veterinary drug industry, and many large and small veterinary drug companies are in the replacement of hybrid equipment, dual-motion mixing Machine is the best.