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JINHE small three dimensional mixer unique innovation, efficient mixing

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   Jinhe small three dimensional mixer series is a professional R & D and production mixer manufacturer of double-motion mixer product line, the series of small mixer mixing capacity ranging from small to 2L up to 100 liters, and all sizes, mixing range Wide range of applications, such as scientific research, hospitals, major institutions, etc., with a unique innovative technology to achieve efficient mixing of powder.
          For the high viscosity powder mixed powder problem Jinhe three-dimensional mixer is more applicable, dual-motion three-dimensional mixer because of the inter-leaf blade intercutting shearing function, compared to ordinary three-dimensional mixer can be better to complete the higher viscosity Dry powder mixing task.
      In the research and development for a variety of powder research and production R & D on the need for powder diversification, multi-category mixed appearance, such as powder particles on the mixing effect of the problem is a mixed problem, the general equipment such as The V-Mixer has no alternative but to deal with this problem, with the unique combination of the benefits of the Dual-Motion Series 3D Mixer.
         This is because ordinary V-mixers can not provide double-motion, superimposed shear forces when mixed, so they can not do with fake particles. The double-motion three-dimensional mixer has full-size blades to do interspersed, shear movement, can be a good fake particles open, break up, to achieve better mixing effect.