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  • The new 3D medicine mixing machine can solve the medicine mixing

    The new 3D medicine mixing machine can solve the medicine mixing

    For a long time, all aspects of people


  • These 3 problems will affect the hardness of tablet

    The tablet press is a machine that can press dry granules or powdered materials into tablets through a mold and can automatically and continuously produce It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry

    2021-04-09 11:19:48


  • How to install the die of the rotary tablet press

    The rotary tablet press has the advantages of simple appearance, light weight, small size and no space The thickness of the tablet, the pressure, and the speed of the tablet can be adjusted at will according to the requirements of customers It is currently widely used in the fields of pharmacy and food

    2021-04-09 11:02:22


  • 5 points when operating the candy tablet machine

    Most tablet presses are mainly used for the research of tablet technology in the pharmaceutical industry

    2021-04-08 10:53:43


  • Tips for the tablet press machine maintenance

    With the development of market demand, the scope of application of tablet presses has become wider and wider It is no longer simply limited to compressing Chinese and Western medicine tablets, but can also be widely used to compress health food, veterinary medicine tablets, and chemical tablets:

    2021-04-08 10:40:40


  • Common problems and solutions of granulator machine

    The swing granulator is a granulating equipment specially designed for pharmaceutical, food, health care and chemical plants The machine granulates at room temperature In the workin...

    2021-04-08 10:33:51


  • Basic points of powder molding machine

    The powder molding machine is an equipment specially designed and manufactured for pressing powder products

    2021-04-08 10:17:23