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Double movement mixer for super fine powder mixture

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Super fine powders generally refers to a particle size of less than 10 m powder, in the mixing process, there is no good mixing device and mixing process is difficult to achieve uniform mixing, superfine powders has been difficult to dry powder mixing machine. With the development of technology, market demand, more and more technology requires application of superfine powder, which requires a level of advanced technology, dry powder mixing machine.
Pay attention to scientific and technological innovation of enterprises have begun to seek and use dry powder mixing machine of the utility model, so as to achieve the widest part is uniformly mixed, small distribution full effect, use the best is gold card double motion powder mixing machine. It is different with the traditional mixing machine, combined with three-dimensional mixer, the shortcomings of V type mixer, mixing traditional machine, draw lessons from the advantages of R & D and.
Barrel rotation to retain the traditional mixed feeding machine advantages of non mixing angle of outer, inner cylinder and a set of blade at the same time rotary stirring and two force superposition, the material with interspersed, convection, the rolling force can be easily put superfine powder coerced into the materials, thus completing the light and heavy powder mix, the perfect solution to customers for colloidal powder mixed problem, improve the production process.