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Jinhe double action hybrid equipment maintenance and repair methods

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       Jinhe double action is a professional mixer manufacturers, the factory is equipped with a variety of equipment maintenance manual, to ensure that customers better operation and use of equipment.
      Mixing equipment in use can be well mixed material, in order to ensure continuous and good application, the need for equipment maintenance and repair necessary. No matter what kind of powder mixing equipment can not do without good maintenance and maintenance, the following is a double sports equipment maintenance and maintenance methods.
       1, reducer maintenance: different seasons using different labels lubricants. The first cumulative use of 3 months after the replacement of lubricants, replaced once every six months;
       2, cylinder gear maintenance: grease maintenance in January (metal powder dust big case maintenance once a week);
       3, the sealing components: observed during the daily use of powder leakage, leakage observation hole is located at the center of the bucket end face, the four side holes on the inner sleeve; appear leakage, immediately stop using, promptly notify the manufacturers, at Manufacturers under the guidance of inspection;
       4, the coupling maintenance: observe the coupling concentricity and elastic pad wear, if any abnormal timely repair (no coupling device ignore this);
       5, bearing maintenance: 3 months regular bearing oil hole lubrication to ensure bearing lubrication;
     6, a chain drive equipment, grease maintenance once a month (no chain of equipment to ignore this);
        7, observe the daily use of reducer base screws, barrel flange screws, etc. are loose, if loose, timely reinforcement.
        It is essential to enhance the routine maintenance of the various components of the hybrid equipment and the initial and / or maintenance of the equipment. Care must be taken in the use of the mixing equipment to avoid unnecessary problems!