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Choose what horizontal mixer to achieve ultra-fine powder mix it?

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       Ultrafine powder mixing has always been a major challenge in the industry. What kind of horizontal mixer is chosen to achieve the practical standard of ultrafine powder mixing? This requires the use of an efficient, professional mixer. The dual-motion horizontal mixer is an efficient mixing device that solves the problem of mixing fine powders.
         This horizontal mixer mainly uses a mixing method of forcing the powder to repeatedly perform stirring, shearing and the like by using moving blades in the container. Its role is to continuously break up the adjacent relationship between the powder particles microscopically, so that the powder particles fully mobile, interchangeable, to achieve the purpose of powder mixing.
         Selection of dual-motion horizontal mixer can take advantage of its co-movement of containers and leaves have the role of coercion, floating in the container above the ultra-fine powder pressed into the main powder, thus solving the problem of ultra-light powder. When loading, the material is loaded into the mixer container 80% -85%, much more is installed in order to reduce the possibility of ultrafine powder floating, increasing the pressure between the powder is conducive to the effect of blade shear.
The use of high-performance dual-motion horizontal mixer can be achieved at all levels of mixing. The standard of mixing in practice should be uniform, macroscopically and microscopically uniform on both levels.
         ① uniform macroscopical: This is the first level of uniformity, macroscopically demanding upper and lower containers, left and right of the sampling test, the result must be the same proportion of various powders, and containers can not appear dead ends, That is, macroscopically uniform
         ②. Microscopic uniformity: This is the second level of uniformity, taken from the microscopic sample (only take a few hundred powder particles) observed, the particles are uniformly dispersed between the various types of powder, which is microscopic Evenly.
         Only one level of uniformity is not a real uniform, only at the same time achieve the uniformity of the two levels to achieve practical standards, which is a dual-motion horizontal mixer and ordinary three-dimensional mixer is different, to achieve multi-level mixing, to solve the ultrafine powder , Ultra-light powder mixing problems, so the mixture has become simple from then on.