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Food additive mixer which is good

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   Food additives are small amounts of non-nutritive substances that are added to food materials using dry powder mixers for food additives to improve the appearance, flavor, texture, or storage properties of the food. Food additives have the following three characteristics: First, as added to food substances, therefore, it is generally not alone as food to eat; second, both synthetic and natural substances; third is added to the food The purpose is to improve the food quality and color, smell and taste as well as the preservation, preservation and processing needs.
  If you want to make the additives evenly distributed inside the food, it must be mixed with a food additive dry powder mixer to ensure that the mixed standard is reached, otherwise the quality of the finished product will be affected. Zhengzhou Jintai developed a new dual-motion food additive powder mixer, the outer skin made of stainless steel, in line with medicine, food GMP industry standards. In the barrel rotation at the same time, which increases the full-size spiral blades, the material after shear, convection and other effects, food and additives fully fully mixed to ensure the consistency of taste.