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Milk tea food industry mixer

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   Milk tea does not belong to dairy products, its variety of mouthfeel, is a variety of raw materials in different proportions through the three-dimensional powder food mixer agitated powder, and then add water blending made of milk tea. In addition to raw material factors, with three-dimensional dry powder food mixers mixing degree of good or bad, directly determines the taste of milk tea.
    Jinhe brand dual campaign series of three-dimensional powder food mixer, the use of advanced dual-motion design concept, superposition of mixed feeding cylinder mixing, no dead ends, mixing time is short, especially the light and ultra-fine powder inside is not easy to mix the main material Among them, the mixing problem of this traditional mixer can be solved perfectly by the superposition and mixing of the double-motion three-dimensional powder food mixer, which makes the tea taste better, better and better, and is responsible for you, me, and his health. .