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Double movement mixing mixer for Soft magnetic materials

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Soft magnetic materials, because of the special high function of magneto-electric conversion, is a widely used functional material, widely used in the new materials industry!The application industry of soft magnetic materials has new fields such as near-field communication, wireless charging, photovoltaic power generation, and because of its high performance advantages, it can emit dazzling light in various fields.Due to its application importance, the requirements for materials and products are also quite high, such as soft magnetic materials need many processes, among which the mixing process is the primary and important process, which plays a key role in the performance of soft magnetic products, and the efficient horizontal mixer is the first choice of the industry.With the development of information technology and the continuous improvement of science and technology level, soft magnetic, an evergreen tree with a development history of more than 200 years, presents a new application hotspot. The biggest advantage of soft magnetic alloy is the high saturation magnetic flux density (Bs) and the characteristics of good DC superposition characteristics.However, as the development of devices moves towards miniaturization and large current direction, higher requirements for the performance of soft magnetic materials are put forward, which requires advanced mixing process and more advanced horizontal mixing machine.
Composite soft magnetic materials in the industry are more applied soft magnetic materials, whose preparation methods include mixing, pre-burning, crushing, pressing, and sintering.The saturated magnetic sensing strength of the composite soft magnetic material was adjusted by adjusting the content of FeSiCr, and the generated NiCuZn ferrite, adjusted by adjusting the content of Fe2O3, NiO, ZnO, and CuO, to improve the insulation and pressure resistance of the composite soft magnetic material.It is also through the efficient mixing performance of advanced horizontal mixer to achieve the balanced distribution of various elements and realize the efficient performance of products.
The largest domestic soft magnetic production enterprises came to our company for equipment acceptance work, in our company ordered JHX1500L automatic double motion horizontal mixing machine each mixed 3 tons of 3 sets of metal powder, automatic feed, mixing, feeding, weighing, equipment cosing manager and production department after the acceptance of automatic double sports horizontal mixer is very satisfied!
The company is the world's largest magnetic powder core, iron powder core, iron silicon magnetic core, iron silicon aluminum magnetic core, iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring manufacturers.This procurement is the third cooperation between the two sides. It is precisely because of the unique advantages of hybrid equipment such as higher mixing uniformity, higher mixing efficiency and larger loading of hybrid mixer that we solve various mixed problems for customers to repeat the purchase.