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Dry powder mixture new principle-double movement mixture

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The ideal method of quick,uniform dry powder mixture.

try to make the three indicators of powders( diameter and specific gravity and flowability) as close as possible. when these three indicators are close to each other, the high quality and high speed mixing will be achieved. the greater the differences of those three indicators are, the more difficult the mixing process will be. there are two methods to solve this problem. one method is to adjust these indicators to be as close as possible through pretreatment before mixing. the second way is that if pretreatment is not available, adopting the double movement mixer with forced mixing functionality would be the solution.

The ideal model of the powder movement during the mixture

we have a slogan which is that mixing should be uniform in the whole and sufficient in particular.

first of all, design a vessel in which pourable powders have a movement from up to down,left to right without dead space. in addition to this, a device should be designed to exert shear and agitation force on the particles to have through relocation of particles in micro perspective. this is what we call the ideal mixing model.

To be uniform in the whole and be sufficient in the specific are the guiding idea behind our mixing process. therefore, adopting the right mixing process and choosing the right mixing machine should be done on the basis of this principle.

The classic mixing process is to retain the mixing powders in their own state.

In order to make sure the quality of the final product, powders should maintain its specific gravity and its diameter unchanged or less changed after the mixing. this requires mixing equipment not to run too fast and too intense to avoid destroying the original state of the powders, so the following methods should be avoided:

steelball is added inside the vessel to deal with the bad flowability and fake particles, but the impact of the steelball can damage the original state of the mixing powders.

using high speed blades which is over 200 meter/min to mix the powders will also destroy the original state of the powder.

the intense throw and smash movement during mixing will also have a damaging effect on the powder.

it is very difficult to obtain mixing uniformity by using the wrong mixing equipment and the prolonged 
mixing time will damage the powders.

Therefore, the ideal atmosphere of the mixing process should be the following:

the mixing equipment should have a moderate speed and run continuously and smoothly.

the movement of the powder should be gentle and mutli-dimensional, in which the powders are sheared and agitated and combined back and forth. the more intense the action is, the better the mixing result will be.

Based on the testing criterion of the uniformity mixing, the shorter the mixing time is, the better the effect is.