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High temperature electric furnace fault inspection and repair

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High temperature electric furnace fault inspection and repair (vacuum furnace, muffle furnace, dental furnace, tube furnace, etc.)
1. The electric furnace does not heat up.
(1)Insurance failure.
Please open the control cabinet, check the insurance, if the insurance is damaged, please replace it.
(2)The heating element is faulty.
Please cut off the power, open the top cover, remove one end of the electrode, and measure the cold end of each silicon carbide rod or silicon molybdenum rod with a multimeter buzzer. If there is no sound, the heating element is broken and needs to be replaced. The resistance wire failure needs to consult a technician.

2. The thermostat displays 1818.
Thermoelectric failure.
Please replace the thermocouple.
3. The device trips.
Breaker failure
Please check the capacity of the indoor circuit breaker and consult an electrical engineer.

4. The temperature is not controlled
Trigger failure
The trigger may be damaged, please consult an electrical engineer.
According to the above high temperature electric furnace fault inspection and repair guide, you can quickly solve some faults of vacuum furnaces, muffle furnaces, dental furnaces, tube furnaces and other electric furnaces. If you have other questions, or need heating elements, high-temperature electric furnace accessories, please contact us, we will quickly solve the problem for you.

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