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High Temperature Vacuum Heating Furnace

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This high temperature vacuum furnace is a very cost-effective vacuum furnace. There are 2 models: the highest temperature is 1200°C; the highest temperature is 1700°C. Low price, simple operation, excellent vacuum effect, and good temperature field uniformity. It is used in high temperature vacuum sintering, annealing, tempering, aging treatment of ceramic materials, ceramic metal composite materials, refractory metals, alloy materials, and vacuum brazing of alloy tools and superhard materials.
Features of high temperature vacuum furnace
(1) The vacuum degree can reach 7*10^(-3)Pa (two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump + Roots pump + diffusion pump unit)
(2) 50-segment programmable temperature control instrument PID adjustment.
(3) The highest temperature is 1200℃ or 1700℃ optional.
(4) High-strength carbon steel, external electrostatic spray, beautiful and generous.
(5) It is designed with an air inlet and an exhaust port, which can be used for vacuum or filled with inert gas.
(6) Double-layer water cooling, the surface temperature of the furnace shell ≤50℃.
(7) Helium mass spectrometer leak detector vacuum leak detection to ensure that the vacuum leak rate is less than 0.67Pa/h.
(8) Pneumatic vacuum valve, easy and convenient operation.
(9) It is heated by alumina ceramic fiber furnace and resistance wire or silicon molybdenum rod. While ensuring the excellent use effect, the cost of the electric furnace is greatly reduced.
(10) The upper limit alarm, deviation alarm, and the end of program operation will automatically stop at the same time without being on duty.

Optional accessories for high temperature vacuum furnace
Independent control cabinet
PLC automatic control system
Furnace rapid cooling system